King & Main

A famous photographer once remarked that to photograph the familiar was far more difficult than to photograph the exotic. As I won't be traveling to Hong Kong, India, or South Africa anytime soon, I'm left with photographing the familiar. I've since come to understand the challenge of working with the familiar. To overcome this, I try to look at my familiar spaces with the eye of an outsider, in an attempt to see the things I would normally overlook.

My work life had taken me from one end of the province to the other, traveling the big cities and the hamlets. That experience has given me an appreciation of what life is like in Ontario.

The project presents images which reflect life in the municipalities that are with an hour or so drive from the little town where I live. As the project progresses, I'll journey farther. This means that initially the project will have a very local flavour.

I'm setting out to record a small part of the lives of the people in our villages, towns and cities. I'm focusing my camera and attention on those who frequent the downtowns of our municipalities, often defined by the streets of King and Main.

My equipment choices are eclectic, ranging from simple pocket cameras up to system cameras. I'm not above using my iPhone if it's all I had available at that moment. For me it's about the image, not the pixels.

I hope you enjoy this little slice of our province.
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