•  Walker (Hamilton)

    Walker (Hamilton)

  •  Where we're going (Hamilton)

    Where we're going (Hamilton)

  •  A coffee, a muffin, a good book (Hamilton)  .

    A coffee, a muffin, a good book (Hamilton) .

  •  Celebration (Hamilton)

    Celebration (Hamilton)

  •  Waiting for the server (Tillsonburg)

    Waiting for the server (Tillsonburg)

  •  Unhappy reindeer (Burlington)

    Unhappy reindeer (Burlington)

  •  Watched (Caledonia)

    Watched (Caledonia)

  •  Scratching for a new life 2 (Hamilton)

    Scratching for a new life 2 (Hamilton)

  •  A Soldier in the Army of the Invisible (Hamilton)

    A Soldier in the Army of the Invisible (Hamilton)

  •  Troubles 2 (Hamilton)

    Troubles 2 (Hamilton)

  •  The story of his life (Hamilton)

    The story of his life (Hamilton)

  •  A good life? (Hamilton)

    A good life? (Hamilton)

  •  Smoker and Ladder (Hamilton)

    Smoker and Ladder (Hamilton)

  •  Watchtower (Hamilton)

    Watchtower (Hamilton)

  •  Worries (Hamilton)

    Worries (Hamilton)

  •  Waiting (Port Dover)

    Waiting (Port Dover)

  •  Wanna pamphlet? (Hamilton)

    Wanna pamphlet? (Hamilton)

  •  Smoker (Hamilton)

    Smoker (Hamilton)

  •  Stripes (Hamilton)

    Stripes (Hamilton)

  •  Ominous (Hamilton)

    Ominous (Hamilton)

  •  Argument (Hamilton)

    Argument (Hamilton)

  •  Reassuring her (Hamilton)

    Reassuring her (Hamilton)

  •  Waiting for Mariah (Hamilton)

    Waiting for Mariah (Hamilton)

  •  Opening the store (Cambridge)

    Opening the store (Cambridge)

  •  Sorry, can't hear you (Hamilton)

    Sorry, can't hear you (Hamilton)

  •  Netting litter (Hamilton)

    Netting litter (Hamilton)

  •  Gliding Past

    Gliding Past

  •  Stripes (Hamilton)

    Stripes (Hamilton)

  •  Helping out grandpa (Port Dover)

    Helping out grandpa (Port Dover)

  •  Hamilton Gothic (Hamilton)

    Hamilton Gothic (Hamilton)

  •  Feeding time (Hamilton)

    Feeding time (Hamilton)

  •  Ponytail (Hamilton)

    Ponytail (Hamilton)

  •  Your move (Hamilton)

    Your move (Hamilton)

  •  Rigging the fishing rod (Port Dover)

    Rigging the fishing rod (Port Dover)

  •  On hold (Hamilton)

    On hold (Hamilton)

  •  Striding the pier (Port Dover)

    Striding the pier (Port Dover)

  •  Fixing hair (Hamilton)

    Fixing hair (Hamilton)

  •  Smoking Attitude (Guelph)

    Smoking Attitude (Guelph)

  •  Blowing up (Port Dover)

    Blowing up (Port Dover)

  •  Street music (Hamilton)

    Street music (Hamilton)

  •  Cross legged (Hamilton)

    Cross legged (Hamilton)

  •  All business (Hamilton)

    All business (Hamilton)

  •  Coffee klatch (Dundas)

    Coffee klatch (Dundas)

  •  Supportive friends (Dundas)

    Supportive friends (Dundas)

  •  Sisters (Hamilton)

    Sisters (Hamilton)

  •  Awkward (Port Dover)

    Awkward (Port Dover)

  •  Leaving the leer behind

    Leaving the leer behind

  •  Facebook friends (Hagersville)

    Facebook friends (Hagersville)

  •  Who you lookin' at (Hamilton)

    Who you lookin' at (Hamilton)

  •  Outcomes (Hamilton)

    Outcomes (Hamilton)

  •  Coffee Time

    Coffee Time

  •  Bus Echos (Hamilton)

    Bus Echos (Hamilton)

  •  Nothing's biting (Port Dover)

    Nothing's biting (Port Dover)

  •  Cap in hand (Hamilton)

    Cap in hand (Hamilton)

  •  Hoping (Hamilton)

    Hoping (Hamilton)

  •  Vaping (Hamilton)

    Vaping (Hamilton)

  •  Uncertain fear (Hamilton)

    Uncertain fear (Hamilton)

  •  Treat? (Burlington)

    Treat? (Burlington)

  •  Rummaging (Hamilton)

    Rummaging (Hamilton)

  •  Crouching smoker (Hamilton)

    Crouching smoker (Hamilton)

  •  Street artist (Hamilton)

    Street artist (Hamilton)

  •  Fix the hat

    Fix the hat

  •  Scratching for a new life (Hamilton)

    Scratching for a new life (Hamilton)

  •  Electric lunch

    Electric lunch

  •  Scowling coffee (Hamilton)

    Scowling coffee (Hamilton)

  •  Looking for light (Hamilton)

    Looking for light (Hamilton)

  •  Waiting (Hamilton)

    Waiting (Hamilton)

  •  Waiting 2 (Hamilton)

    Waiting 2 (Hamilton)

  •  Are they open? (Simcoe)

    Are they open? (Simcoe)

  •  Combat window shopping (Guelph)

    Combat window shopping (Guelph)

  •  Plumbing problems? (Hamilton)

    Plumbing problems? (Hamilton)

  •  Waiting 3 (Hamilton)

    Waiting 3 (Hamilton)

  •  Service provider wistful thiking (Simcoe)

    Service provider wistful thiking (Simcoe)

  •  Disturbed lunch (Cambridge)

    Disturbed lunch (Cambridge)

  •  Empty (Hamilton)

    Empty (Hamilton)

  •  View from my coffee (Cambridge)

    View from my coffee (Cambridge)

  •  Window Dressing (Hagersville)

    Window Dressing (Hagersville)

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A barrier, a portal, a reflection
Linked by space and sometimes more