What to Shoot?

Toughest question in street photography. The wrong answer is to blast away and hope for the best. Like the proverbial blind squirrel finding a nut, we will get the occasional good shot if we just blast, but to me that's not what meaningful photography is about. There has to be some intent behind the shot as opposed to a lucky pointing of the camera.
Waiting for companion and the waitress

As time goes on, I shoot less and walk more. There's no point wasting the battery charge on what is not there. I'm looking for story.

When I got into videography to support my fly fishing business, a very experienced videographer gave me one sound piece of advice, "Tell a story." We can say the same thing about street images. They must tell a story. If we can't see a story in the image, then walk on by.

In this simple image, a woman is waiting, her money sitting on the table, the second mug suggests a missing companion, the attention of the woman behind her is focused elsewhere. Her expression is one of dissatisfaction, perhaps some irritation or impatience. There are enough elements in this image for us to piece together any number of plausible plot lines. Since the woman behind her has some resemblance, we can even infer that it is actually the reflection of the back of her head in a mirror. It is an image that can hold our attention.

When I'm out on the street, these days I'm very picky and if I return home with an empty SD card, well at least I had a nice walk.