Posing problems

When reading some of the better writings on street photography, I frequently run across criticisms of posing people in the street. The authors consider this not to be street photography and I get that. If we take a fashion model out on a busy street and shoot hundreds of frames, that's fashion photography on a street. Pose someone and it's portrait photography on a street.

So what happens when it looks posed? In this image, the woman was just standing in this pose, listening to her music. But when I began working on it in post, it looked like a posed picture, like I had asked her to do that. I suppose the only saving grace is that had I really posed her, I had done an untidy job what with that multicoloured boot appearing to kick her in the knee.

I suppose the caution is to be wary both ways, for the natural could be posed and the posed be natural.

Listening to tunes while waiting for the bus