Wrestling with how much gear to bring to the street

It's always a challenge to go minimalist and still pick the right gear. I don't like going out draped in gear and lugging a heavy bag. I prefer going with one camera and whatever lens is on it, but trying to do street photography in places with low pedestrian traffic, works against gear minimalism.

So as a compromise, I go as minimal as possible with one camera around my neck, plus a lens and a spare battery in my pocket. I almost never swap lenses while shooting, but by carrying one wide and one long lens, I can take a look at the pedestrian density and figure out which one of the two lenses is likely to work best, then slap that one on the camera. Once that decision is made, the other lens will probably stay in my pocket for the rest of the day. If I'm going absolute minimalist, then it'll be my little X-T10 and just the pancake 27mm.
X-Pro1 and Voigtlander lenses

While carrying a bag would give me a lot more options, I don't like to be burdened with one. If my vehicle is going to be parked close by, the bag will stay in it and I'll just pull out what I need. The bag is on my shoulder only when I don't have any other option, but most of the time, it says in the car regardless of the situation.

The spare battery is mandatory as I turn all of my power management off. I don't like missing shots because the camera went to sleep so I leave it on 100% of the time. That of course chews through the battery life fairly fast. I've usually found that one spare is enough, though I'm seriously thinking that two wouldn't be a bad idea for those long days.