Waist level, hip, chest or eye - where I end up holding the camera

It really doesn't matter how we end up taking our shot as long as it is framed well. As a fly fisherman I'm used to aiming casts with my body, so it's not much of an extension for me to aim my camera with my body. My hip shots can be surprisingly well framed.

My newest camera comes with a tilt screen and that puts me back to the days of my Yashica Mat twin lens reflex camera (TLR). I loved that camera for street photography, long before anyone knew of Vivian Maier and her Rollieflex. I'm sure back then there was a small army of us prowling the streets with our TLRs.The tilt screen on my X-T10 puts me back to those days of peering down at a ground glass focusing screen. The waist level viewfinder creates a different perspective from the usual eye level shot. It's a child's perspective, looking at the world from three feet high.

While I have no preference how I hold my camera and I do roll with the situation, the tilt screen keeps tugging me back to my TLR days.

Tashica Mat TLR
Tilt screen on Fujifilm X-t10 with 50mm f2 lens