Crop? Straighten? Post Process? or not.

I'm definitely of two minds on this issue: whether it is better to present what we saw and captured, or to work on it in post. I very much enjoy the post processing, working to tease more out of an image. This is especially true with the dynamic range of modern sensors, where blocked up shadows can contain a wealth of detail and any highlight that has not been clipped, can be recovered.

Some famous street photographers are proud of their 'out of the camera' approach while others work their images in post. Vivian Maier for example, had no dark room and had to take what the lab sent her. Cartier-Bresson claimed to take no interest in what happened after he pressed the shutter release.

With some of my images the rawness of the unprocessed image (beyond the B&W conversion and a bit of contrast) conveys more than a polished version. With others it's the reverse. Here's a sample of an image showing the original and a processed version. I'm definitely of two minds as to which one I like:

Street Photography - walking the dog to open the storeStreet Photography - walking the dog to open the store

For the time being, I have not formed an opinion as to which route I should go and perhaps I'll just continue on as I am now, processing some and not others.